Pellet Stoves by K-Stove… Naturally!

K-Stove pellet stoves have been designed to deliver the best performance at an attractive price.

All K-Stove pellet stoves have the required certifications and come with a 5 year warranty for the “body” and a 2 year warranty for the parts. The dealers are exclusively appointed by K-Stove and can provide you with the appropriate information regarding the capacity you need to heat your home or premises.

Rintje Ritsma bezoekt de K-Stove fabriek in Kroatie

Advantages of K-Stove:

  • Very economical to buy and use
  • Low maintenance
  • High efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Clean air
  • Excellent service


K-Stove instruction movie unpacking and assembling


K-Stove instruction movie cleaning


K-Stove instruction movie spare-parts

Easy to use

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K-Stove pellet stoves are very easy to install. Furthermore, temperature control is a piece of cake with the remote control supplied.

Very high efficiency, therefore economical!

Kstove Pellet Stoves

The perfectly adjustable feed of wood pellets ensures very efficient and complete combustion. Many pellet stoves achieve efficiencies of over 90%.

Register your K-Stove

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Register your K-Stove today and sign up for a maintenance contract. Assure yourself of undisturbed enjoyment!